Other Softwash Applications

Actiwash Softwash


Actiwash Softwash is a powerful, high purity biocide that works with the wind and rain to safely Clean & Protect virtually any outdoor surface. 


Natural Stone Substrate


Actiwash Softwash effectively kills and breaks down the biofilm consisting of Algae, Lichen, Fungi, Mould and Mildew leaving a clean and protected finish that lasts for up to 3-4 years depending on location and climate. 




The most effective way to maintain the timbers appearance and structural properties is to apply a treatment of Actiwash Softwash, as it successfully kills the fungi that causes dry and wet rot. A good application of Actiwash will last for up to 3-4 years on timber.


Polycarbonates (Polytunnels & Green Houses)


Actiwash Softwash works brilliantly on polycarbonates such as Polytunnels & Green Houses, as after a simple spray application it will self-clean the surface achieving remarkable, long lasting results. 


Multi-Use Games Area & Sports Surfaces


Actiwash Softwash is the most effective way of cleaning all types of Multi-Use Games Areas and Sports Surfaces. 

Headstone - Before

Headstone - After

Natural Stone - Before

Natural Stone - After

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