Render Softwash

Softwashing is...

• The best solution for cleaning modern exterior renders, natural slate roofs and concrete slate roofs. You’ll notice fast, predictable results without damaging the surface.

• A cost-effective way to clean and restore block drives and concrete paths to their former glory. It can take a few months to restore the surface but once restored, a light annual treatment will keep your drives and paths looking great.

• In a lot of cases, we have found that when people have used our Softwashing chemical system, there was no requirement for the building to be re-painted thus saving customers thousands on paint.

Buildings that are rendered can become dull and Pollutants, Cyanobacteria and algae can take over, leaving the building looking stained and unsightly. We specialize in safe and effective outdoor Softwashing using the latest tools and techniques, which gently remove & kill the unsightly algae’s that grow at the root. These are usually seen as Black, Red & Green on the buildings. This process works without damaging the render underneath.

Using the correct environmentally friendly Softwashing Solution is extremely important. A mixture is made up in the Softwashing Machine and is sprayed accurately and evenly onto the dirty Rendered surfaces. Once our specially formulated product (Actiwash Pro) has been applied, it works in conjunction with the wind and rain to self-cleanse and protect the treated surface. This Softwashing process leaves remarkable results, often restoring and protecting surfaces to their original condition.

The Self-cleansing Process

Actiwash begins to work immediately once applied. The first stage of the self-cleansing process is killing the biofilm. This is usually completed within 30 minutes after treatment. Then the weather works to clean the render over a period of time. Moss with decay and disperse very quickly. White and yellow lichen will die and the bond will begin to breakdown, which will make the lichen fall within a few months. Black Metabolites are very common on render. They are water-soluble and start to recede at the first rainfall. The dark discolouration may take a few months to completely disappear. Actiwash Pro will clean and protect the treated roof, inhibiting the re-growth of organic matter.


Day 3

Day 12

Actiwash prevents algae, lichen, mould and fungi damage – allowing the surfaces to rejuvenate once the product has been applied. Due to being applied at a low pressure. Softwashing is the only way to Clean + Protect Pebble Dash surfaces, Stone buildings, K-Rend & Monocouche due to the low pressure which does not damage these fragile materials.

Render Wall - Before

Render Wall - After

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